Guest Post: The Rustic Camp’s Perfect Fall

The Rustic Camp

I’m so excited, and relieved, to say that I had several bloggers agree to guest post while I do the last bit of wedding planning I need to do. The first response I got was from my friend Michael who runs the website The Rustic Camp. The website is totally him and I love reading reading his posts about local shops, yummy drinks, and camping adventures. Here’s his take on a perfect fall.

The Rustic Camp

Wow, how can you even begin to answer a question that spans all my ideals! Just recently The Rustic Camp was asked by Katie Garton from Dream Till Green; “what my dream Fall would be?” In an instant, the picture of what began to appear was rather concise. Knowing it wouldn’t be an easy answer as it would have to be more of a feeling than an experience, and it developed just like that. One place that stays picturesque all year round, but becomes even more so during the fall is Washington State. One place that would beckon the most pristine landscape would be Olympic National Park, Washington. Olympic National is located on the western shores nestled next to the ocean, with vistas over mountains, rivers, and a bay over looking Seattle. There, set up camp for the season in a luxury yurt from Pacific Yurts just outside of the park boundaries set with camp provisions such as Pendleton Camp blankets and half the catalogue from Best Made Co to stay warm during the early chill. During the day there would be little to do other than hike the scenic wonderland, canoe, and fish while leisurely reading The Count Of Monte Cristo, which was listed on The Art of Manliness’s: 100 must-read books.   In the evenings there would be nothing better than to sit curled up around a campfire lounging in Slim Fit denim from Gap and a Quilted vest from Barbour to be slightly bundled up while roasting marshmallows and enjoying a bourbon. There couldn’t be a better fall.

What do you think about his take on “The Perfect Fall”? I’m definitely down to taking that camping trip with him. Make sure to follow Michael at The Rustic Camp and on Facebook.


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