A Book A Month (July) : Grace : A Memoir By Grace Coddington

When this first came out in 2012 it was the book to read. The orange jacket made it the perfect coffee table book and everyone was raving about Grace, the woman who challenges Anna Wintour. It took me awhile to read it, but thanks to Mike I finally did in July. I know I’m posting about it in September, but I did really read it in July.

Book Info

Pages: 416

Synopsis: It’s a memoir, so it’s kind of obvious that you learn all about Grace Coddington’s life. She grew up poor, became a model, dated and married several established men, and became one of the top creative directors known to magazine history. You learn the behind the scenes action and opinions of famous and award-winning magazine spreads, like the Annie Leibovitz’s version of Alice in Wonderland. And an insight into the life of working at Vogue and working with some of the world’s best photographers and creative geniuses.

Opinion:  I really enjoyed this book because I’m a magazine lover. I’ve never been a devout Vogue reader, but it was still interesting to read about the lives of editors, creative directors, models,etc. I really got a sense of what it takes to produce an amazing spread for a popular magazine. Grace’s life is also an amazing story. It is a little weird to read though because you can tell Grace doesn’t really want to write about her life, but she did it because they told her to, and everyone voiced that they wanted to learn more about her after she stole the thunder from Anna Wintour in the September Issue. It’s also hard to follow at times because she doesn’t reference dates, so you never know what year it is or what time of her life she’s talking about until she mentions what husband she’s with or what magazine she’s working on.  I still can’t get over the fact that she could’ve had a fling with Mick Jagger!! I do not reccommend it to people with no interest in the magazine/Vogue world or photographers. It is hard to follow with all the name dropping– if I didn’t know who she was talking about half the time, I wouldn’t have been interested.

Rating: 8/10. She told some great stories, but it was hard to follow with all the name dropping and not explaining what era she was in.

What did you think of Grace?


3 thoughts on “A Book A Month (July) : Grace : A Memoir By Grace Coddington

  1. I read the book too, and I thought similarly – she didn’t disclose much substance, but kind of just rambled on in random tangents. I expected more, and I was pretty disappointed, maybe she should’ve done a picture book, full of spreads. The one thing I did take away from it was that she in general is a genuinely happy and content person.

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