Dreamer: Brian E. Sibley

Brian E. Sibley

Brian E. Sibley

Age: 24
Lives In: Los Angeles, Ca (Born & Raised in Chicago, IL)
Current Job: Spokesperson for Men’s Fashion Week LA
Ultimate Dreams:
My ultimate dream someday is to be the next stand up Black Male Role Model for the youth to look up to (Worldwide). I have had to beat so many obstacles in life, and this translates to different experiences that I can look back on and say that “I did my best to make the right decisions in life.”
What are you doing to attain your dream?
Living in LA, has put me in the right environment of people who I bump shoulders with on a daily basis to keep the momentum in my favor. I am a strong believer in investing in yourself, your brand, and representation of you i.e. business cards, websites, fanbase, videos, etc.
What do you think you ultimately need to attain your dreams?
I just need to keep going as hard as I am going and everything will be fine. In my life, it is evident that God has taken control of the situation testing me in different areas of my life. I can honestly say, should I happen to connect with the right Industry Giant, sky will be the limit. For the simple fact that I have paid my dues, pursuing this dream for about 7 years now and the hard work, persistence, and dedication are paying off.
Have you attained any dreams? If so, what were they and what did you do to attain them?
It was not a dream for me to be the Face of LA for Men’s Fashion Week, but I can call this a dream come true. After the years of hard work, I finally have a platform to stand on to showcase my talents, not just as a male model but as a versatile young man who is talented in other ways. I have achieved so much, one of my #1 Dreams is to be featured in a National Campaign such as a commercial, print work ad, or movie and I feel it coming by the day. Right now, I am taking the strategic steps to make it happen.
Everyone dreams of someday meeting a celebrity and I have done so by networking and keeping a good repore with people. The three that stand out to me were LisaRaye McCoy, Twista, and Nick Cannon. There are plenty more celebs that I would like to meet someday like President Barack Obama, Diddy, Jay Z, Denzel Washington, Kobe Bryant, Steve Harvey, Ashton Kutcher, Mark Wahlberg, and Leonardo Dicaprio.
What’s your advice to other dreamers?
My advice to other dreamers would be to dream while putting forth the actions to get to where you wanna be. Dreaming itself means that you have it in you to think outside the box, so why not go for it?! Stay around people who have the same kind of visions like you in life and you will be fine.
Keep an eye out for Brian during the  Men’s Fashion Week LA is October 14 & 15, held at the California Market Center in Downtown Los Angeles. He will be hosting the Red Carpet interviews. Show some love to another Dreamer!
Oh, and if you like what you see, follow him on Instagram and Twitter:  TheModelKells & MensFashionWeekLA, @TheModelKells. He also has his own website.

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