Dreamy Wedding Planning

If you haven’t been following, wedding planning is becoming a daily thing for me. I haven’t really written about our plans in awhile so here’s a little look into our dreamy wedding day planning.


ArTango has gotten a little face lift. This is a more recent picture of the space. We will be changing it up a bit with our decor, but we can now enjoy an awesome brick bar and an outdoor patio.

We recently went to a food tasting and it was delicious. I’m not going to spill all the beans, but I think we chose something that will please everyone.

Shrimp Broil

I’m also very excited to say that we have two lovely day-of coordinators. I’m so thankful that the two Chicago Wedding Planners Regina Brooks of Regine Danielle Events and Designs and Tomi Ayankoya of Olivia French Events and Designs¬†will be making our wedding day dreamy. I’m happy my mom won’t have to worry the day of and someone will be executing our ideas perfectly. I can already tell that these two ladies will make our day the best. They are very hands on, organized, and determined to make our day a dream come true. I mean, look at websites and you’ll get why I’m so excited!

Regine Danielle Designs and Events

Our invites were sent! They are amazing and something I could’ve never wished for, but got. I love having talented friends and family. You’ll have to wait till after the wedding to see it. I don’t want any drama.

We also just came back from Des Moines for our wedding shower. It was great with a sundae bar and amazing presents. Thank you to all the ladies for the amazing gifts and gorgeous broches. My bouquet is going to be amazing and definitely one-of-a-kind.

Of course that weekend was also filled with center piece planning, sweet table placements, dress fittings (no more snacks for me..if you see me eating something bad slap it out of my mouth), and celebrating my Dad’s retirement!!

Anyway, a lot of planning has been checked off, but there’s still more to go. I’m going to throw it out there, but I’d love your help finding the following:

-a tripod for our DIY photobooth

-contacts for a bartender with a liquor license

-contacts for beer/liquor suppliers (we’re thinking Binny’s but if you know a deal, let a girl know)

-a place for a kickass, inexpensive rehearsal night

If you’re planning a wedding, tell me your secrets! I’d love to hear your DIY ideas too. Us dreaming brides-to-be need to keep together.


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