Beat the Heat


Is the heat making you daydream about the winter snow? I’m a total winter person, so you can catch me daydreaming about snow angels and brisk winds. I hate the heat, the sweat, the stickiness, the frizzy hair, and seeing the suffering animals. But there are many ways to beat the heat.

Here are some high and low ways to stop wringing out your towel or handkerchief of sweat:

1. Get an A/C. If you don’t have one, you’re life will be so much better with one. Trust me. It’s worth the higher electricity bill. One way to cut the cost of your bill, put it in your bedroom and spend your summer there. At least you’ll be able to sleep, catch up on reading, and have fun in bed.

2. Drink cold beverages. The ultimate summer drinks, in my opinion, are a classic gin and tonic and a margarita. Doesn’t this look refreshing? I feel my body temperature dropping at least two degrees looking at it.

3. Go boating. Don’t have a boat, buy one. Or I guess you could make a friend that has a boat. I’ll I can think about is “Sailing. Sailing takes me away, where…” Does this picture look great? And being on the water means cooler temperatures while getting a let sun.
4. Go to the movies Most theaters should offer a matinee price so you could probably see two for the twice of one if you go right when they open. That’s about 5 to 6 hours of AC right there.
5. Take multiple cold showers and then lie under the fan. 
6. Wrap a towel around an ice pack and place it on your neck. It feels amazing.
7. Offer to take other people’s shifts so you can stay in the very cool office.
I hope you’re staying cool! If not, join me in getting ice cream at my local air conditioned store.

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