Pins I’m Loving This Week

unique bookcases

gold glitter finger nail polish



Wedding planning is getting more serious and now it’s time to start planning the little details. I’m thinking nails like this. Neutral with a little hint of fun and sparkle. Yes, gold will be featured in the wedding in several aspects. Just think, a couple years ago I was all about the silver and now I can get enough gold. Am I becoming the next Gold Finger?


curly hair updo

And what about this for the hair style? Do you think it will last the whole day? It’s the first time I’ve really like a hairstyle that is shown with curly hair. Who wants to help me experiment with this look?

best friend items

This is advertised as best friends cases and for once this kind of product isn’t cheesy. I could see bros carrying this around. Anyway, a part of me wants to get this, but wait, I don’t have an iphone 5. haha

leopard clothes, bengh winter 2013

When Mike and I have kids they will dress like this. How cute is this outfit?

unique bookcases

This is the coolest book shelf I’ve ever seen. I want this so bad. Who can make it for me so I don’t have to pay $500 for it? I think it would be perfect for our bar shelves. What do you think?

Show me your favorite pins on Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest with #dreamtillgreen. I’m always in need of some inspiration for the wedding, budget-friendly home decor and eating!


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