Eat Like Royalty: Meez Meals

All three meals were eaten and I’ve had enough time to compose my thoughts of this Evanston-based company, Meez Meals. As you’ve seen from my previous posts, Meez Meals provides amazing dinners for Chicago residents [well, a 25-mile zone around Chicago] that are all vegetarian and delicious.

Meez Meals
click on picture to read about the Chili Glazed Tofu TacosMeez Mealsclick on picture to read about Basil Coconut FlatbreadMeez Mealsclick on the picture to read more about the Orecchiette with Tart Cherry Alfredo

Meez Meals was created out of a sister’s dislike of cooking at home. Jen Moore decided to follow in her mother’s footsteps and make cooking fun again for her sister, and for everyone. Meez Meals offers 5 different recipes– options change each week– for the following week to order. Each recipe is easy to make, can be made in about 30 minutes or less, is vegetarian, and delivered straight to your door.

picture via Meez Meals Facebook page

Each serving is $12.50 (that’s cheaper than a dinner at chipotle, really) and easy to make. Your meals get delivered on Monday (you can pick a morning or evening time window) in a nice insulated box with everything set for cooking. The meals are individually bagged, the ingredients are pre-measured, and the recipe card is included. The hardest thing in the process of ordering and cooking these meals is deciding on which one to eat first.

If you’re not a cook at all, there’s even a hotline you can call and they’ll walk you through the steps. Meez Meals/Jen are geniuses.

Let’s hear from the genius herself. Jen explains more about the makings of the company and other personal questions:

How did you chose the meals on your menu? Do they change throughout the season?
We have a lot of fun choosing the recipes for the menu.  We are constantly testing new recipes, and we feature new ones each week.  They’re always season, and so that means we spend A LOT of time playing with ingredients and sauces.
How are the servings measured?
Servings are measured based on what would make an adult with a large appetite feel full.  Most folks tell us that our two-serving meals are enough for a couple for dinner and lunch for one the next day, or a couple and a small child or two.
Will you ever do dessert with your meals?
We don’t offer desserts now, but they are definitely on our list of items to add-on soon.  (And yes, the testing for that is a perk of the job!)
What’s your favorite option?
My favorite meal is anything with toasted gnocchi.  I had no idea it could be toasted and now I’m completely hooked.  Runner up are tacos with sriracha aioli.  It’s great on brussels sprout tacos, eggplant tacos, tofu tacos, you name it.
What about delivering nationwide?
We’re focused on Chicago right now.  Part of the magic of Meez is that our meals are made here and delivered locally, versus an anonymous UPS or FedEx driver.  That said, we’re always looking at expansion markets where we can open auxiliary kitchens.

There’s still a lot to learn about this company, so head over to their website and look around. Try a meal too! You’ll get hooked. If you haven’t taken advantage yet, Jen has also offered a discount for DTG readers on their first order. Mention DTG50 and get 50% off your first order. So for all you who don’t like cooking and are hosting a party, take advantage!!!

Thank you so much Meez Meals and Jen for letting us experience your tasty meals and amazing customer service. Your meals are eye-opening to the vegetarian and clean-eating lifestyle and delicious.


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