Eat Like Royalty: Meez Meals’ Chili Glazed Tofu Tacos

Meez Meals

After fully enjoying all three meal Meez Meals so graciously gave us, I feel like I could be a vegetarian with no problem. I would miss my steak and bacon, but this company is definitely proving that vegetarian dishes are delicious and hearty. The third meal Mike and I ate was the Chili Glazed Tofu Tacos.

The Chili Glazed Tofu Tacos, like the other two meals, took only aroundĀ 20 minutes from brown paper bag to plate. Take a look at the process:

Meez Meals


Meez Meals


Meez Meals


Meez Meals


Meez Meals


Chili Glazed Tofu Tacos


Meez Meals


Meez Meals


This was the only meal that Mike and I added any additions. We added a little lime and avocado to give it even more flavors. I really enjoyed the almonds on my tacos…I didn’t think I’d ever say that. The chili glaze was really great. I did wish that it was a little more spicy, but my taste buds are pretty shot so I always enjoy more seasoning.

But all in all, these Chili Glazed Tofu Tacos were great. I like how healthy it made me feel after. I’m thinking tofu tacos might be a regular for us. Hopefully Mike will take the challenge of trying to figure out different types of glazes.

Make sure you try out Meez Meals if you’re in the Chicago area. All Dreamers will get 50% off your first order when you mentionĀ DTG50. Tell me what you get!



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