Eat Like Royalty: Meez Meal’s Orecchiette with Tart Cherry Alfredo

Sometimes being a blogger is awesome. We get invited to places, get some discounts, and get to try out amazing products to feature. I’m not saying I blog to get all these things, but they are nice little perks that remind you that people are actually reading your content.

I was contacted by Meez Meals to try what their business has to offer. One word can describe it: deliciousness. Oh my goodness. We’ve tried one of the three meals so far and it was even approved by chef-in-the-making Mike.

I’m going to give you the run down of the first meal here and do a little post about Meez Meals hopefully tonight or tomorrow!

Meez Meals delivered food

On Monday night we got an awesome delivery of the three pre-packaged meals and decided to dig in and try the Orecchiette with Tart Cherry Alfredo first.

We received meals with two servings — they can be customized. Mike and I figured it’s really about 3.5 servings, so you’re really getting your bang for your buck.

Here’s what the meals look like.

Meez Meals Meez MEals Meez Meals

Everything is vacuum sealed and pre-measured, so it’s incredibly easy to make. The only things I had to use from our kitchen was olive oil and salt. The yellow card is the instructions and contact information for their cooking hotline that’s open from 5pm-8pm (how awesome is that?).

I won’t go into complete detail of the recipe because you guys really need to try this, but take a look at my pictures.

Meez Meals Meez Meals Meez Meals Meez Meals

Both Mike and I loved this dish. We never would of thought to add bleu cheese with broccoli, let alone a pasta dish. It was so hearty that we didn’t even eat everything I made. The only thing that we wished for was more of the tart cherry sauce. We couldn’t believe that some people would opt for less sauce. I was hoping there would be more of an obvious cherry taste, but it was still amazing.

I have to say “Thank You” Meez Meals for helping me impress my Chef fiancĂ©. It’s always nice when he likes what I make.

Stay tuned for more information about Meez Meals (if you’re really intrigued, head over to their website now.) Also, they were gracious enough to offer you guys a deal!! You can get 50% off your first order with them. Mention DTG50 and they’ll issue a refund right away. Happy eating!!


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