Pins I’m Loving

Taber Studios Ring
Plain Gold-Filled Ring by Taber Studios

Mike and I are looking more into wedding bands. We’ve been shopping around and it seems like we need to make decisions soon with the lead times everyone keeps giving us. I was thinking a thin gold band, but do I get a titanium one to match Mike’s or do I get one with diamonds? Tough decisions. What do you guys think?

Strawberry Mango Salsa
via Damn Delicious

How delicious does this look? I’ve never really had a salsa that didn’t involve tomatoes, but I think I’m down to try this. Damn Delicious did a great job with this recipe. My tastebuds are begging for it right now. Strawberries, mangoes, jalapenos, honey. What? Who wants to try this with me?

Payton Cosell Turner Sticker Wallpaper

This is wallpaper!!! The little girl inside is jumping up and down screaming “I want, I want, I want.” My family can attest that I was a sticker collector and that this is perfect for me. Yes, it’s a little cooky, but I absolutely love it. I think I could sit in a room of this and be entertained for hours. Thank you Payton Cosell Turner for creating these masterpieces of sticker wallpaper! Pretty sure I saw that Lena Dunham has this in her apartment. What do you think?


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