25 Things to Do: #7 Completed

Best View Day

If you’ve been following Dream Till Green you know that I have a list of 25 Things I’d like to do while I’m 25. As of June 6, I’ve completed #7 on that list.


June 6 was the day that Refinery29 featured this website on their Top 9 Blogs to be Reading in Chicago, so we got over 1100 views! I have to say it was one of the best days I’ve ever experienced so far. I am aware that it wasn’t necessarily 1000 people reading, but that’s a lot of views for a website that is run by just one person and an occasional guest post (thank you Lexie!).

I hope with this exposure we’ll be able to get support for all our featured Dreamers! So if you see a Dreamer that you’d love to talk to or help, they’re all open for an email, tweet or comment — that’s why they said yes to being a dreamer.

Thank you everyone who looked at this page on June 6th. You can ask Mike how excited I was. It truly made my week!! Thank you. Thank you. I also love the feeling of crossing off things on this list.

Stay tuned for more crossing off the list — I know of at least one more I need to write. I just need to clean our apartment.


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