Quote and Challenge of the Day/Weekend

“Keep smiling because life is a beautiful thing and there’s so much to smile about.”

-Mariliyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe quote

Marilyn Monroe had some great quotes and this one is one of my favorites –maybe because my Dad says something similar all the time. Going into this weekend, I have a lot of beautiful things to smile about: I’m alive, I have a great fiance, I have a great support system, I have a job, this website was featured on Refinery29, I have a new apartment, I have food to eat, etc. Sometimes you just have to sit back and look at all the beautiful  things in your life and smile. Smiling really does change your whole attitude, and you never know when you might change someone else’s day with a simple smile.

With that being said, show me your smiles! I may not have the whitest smile, but I’ll show mine. Let’s do a weekend #spreadthesmile campaign across social media accounts and see how many days we can change with dimples, white teeth, and a good attitude. Make sure you use the hashtags #dreamtillgreen and #spreadthesmile so I can track them. Hopefully I can make a collage and post it later next week.


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