Pins I’m Loving

brussel sprouts with garlic
via Day Dream Kitchen

You all my know that I have a love for brussels sprouts now, thanks to this awesome recipe. I saw this on Pinterest and I’m dying to try it. When it gets hotter I feel like I become more of a vegetarian or I just don’t eat. I’m hoping this is tasty!

peacock tattoo

With a new job opportunity maybe on the horizon I’m thinking more about my dream of getting a peacock feather tattoo in remembrance of my grandmother. I love this one. Now I just need to figure out the placement for mine. I’m thinking smaller than that and maybe on my bicep, my back where my heart would be, on my wrist, forearm, ribs. Such a decision.


As of today, we are 120 days away from the wedding. Looks like choosing orange as a wedding color is not unique. I love the use of oranges though.

Hacco prints

More pretty art for the wall. I guess I have an inner feeling that I need florals in my life.

What’s your Pinterest looking like? What do you need inspiration for?


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