In The Bedroom

Side table as a nightstand

Today I’m taking you to the bedroom to talk about bedside tables/nightstands. Are your nightstands ugly junk collectors or do they add to the look of your room?

As I’m sure you’ve heard before, the bedroom should be a place you can go to relax and get away, and even if it acts as your office at times, make sure you have the ability to transform it back to the space it was meant to be. Choosing the right nightstand can do just that.

My top rules for choosing the best companion(s) for your bed are:

1) NEVER buy the nightstands that go with your bed. I can’t say it enough, don’t buy furniture sets! It’s boring and doesn’t give your room any personality.

Colorful nightstand

2) Take into consideration how much storage you really need. Will a single drawer suffice, or do you need a larger chest style. Some people are fine with no storage, but be realistic.

Chest as a nightstand

3) It’s ok to have mismatched nightstands. You don’t always have to buy a pair. It really depends on how ecclectic your style is, but I love the look of nightstands that weren’t meant to go together.

Side table as a nightstand

4) Don’t be afraid to venture outside the category of “nightstand.” Many sofa side tables, small dressers, entry tables, etc. work great for nightstands. In my own bedroom, one of the nightstands is an old trunk I found at a consignment shop.

Trunk Nightstand

5) Always consider scale. If you have a large/high bed, make sure you’re nightstands also have some bulk to them. When buying bedroom furniture, always get your bed first and then measure to see exactly how tall/big your nightstands need to be. Your nightstand should be at the same height as your mattress.

If you have little space for nightstands, I love these little DIY nightstands done by Jenny of Little Green Notebook.

As usual, I’ve done a little roundup of my favorites to help you get started!


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