Living the Dream

Hemingway never give up quote

Hemingway never give up quote

“Living the dream” is one phrase I don’t like.  I would love to be ” living the dream,” but I’m far from doing so. I also believe that if you are living the dream, you need to make more dreams. My dream is to be successful at my job whether it be freelance writing and working a retail job or having one job as a content editor or social media manager, being healthy, being happy, making Mike happy, having Lex happy and healthy, not having to worry about being able to pay my bills, having time to relax and travel, seeing my family more, being able to buy whatever I want and whenever, and have a nice home. If I had all of that I would be living the dream.

I’m struggling with attaining all of this. I know it will take a while to attain all these dreams, but I’m to the point where I want more of what I’m trying to attain. I hope this post isn’t too discouraging or whiny, but I want to share my real struggles. I think it’s good to show struggles and not all “rainbows and butterflies.” I know some people have it easy and things fall in their lap, but others have to hustle to get everything they want. I created this website so people can share their struggles, and hopefully the people in the position to help, do.

My struggles:

-finding a new apartment. We have a small budget, a pit bull, and need good public transportation so Mike can get to work safely at 5 am. Pretty hard to find.

-writing regularly on this site. I could find the time, but I’m tired.

-I got a promotion at West Elm so I quit my other job, but I may need to find another job to pay all the bills. What job do I want to do? Should I try to freelance more? Do I go back to clothing retail even though I’m tired of it?

-trying to balance a 40-hr work week, freelance writing, interning for a company, planning a wedding, finding an apartment, making Lex and Mike happy, and sleeping.

-finding Dreamers. I’m not a pushy person and don’t want to demand deadlines.


At least I’m giving myself two weeks of just one job. I’m hoping I can schedule posts for the website, find an apartment, do some wedding stuff and catch up on some sleep. What struggles are you having? Let’s do a little rant section in the comment area. We’re all humans who need a little support. I’ll listen.



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