Lighting: The Forgotten Design Element

Lighting can make or break the design of your home. Having just one source of light really doesn’t cut it. There are 4 types of lighting that you should always consider when designing a room: ambient, task, accent, and decorative.

Ambient lighting is your main source of light. If your room has very little natural sunlight, then make sure you have adequate ambient lighting. (Whoever planned the lighting for my condo did a very poor job of this and so I’ve had to really compensate for the lack of)

Task lighting is for specific tasks or areas such as an office, kitchen, or other workspace. You may find a pretty light you like for your office, but make sure its conducive to the work you will be doing there.

Accent lighting does exactly that. It accents a certain part of your space, such as a piece of artwork. It’s amazing what some good accent lighting can do for a room. Believe me, I’ve seen it in action!

Decorative lighting is pretty self explanatory. This is where the fun pendant lights and table lamps come in to play. The fun part of lighting a space. These days many decorative lights can serve as ambient, task, or accent lights as well, but be sure to do your research.

By layering these 4 types of lighting you will be amazed how much better your space will look and function. I promise!

And of course I had to throw in a few pretty lamps I’m loving for you all to check out…


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