Best Pho In Chicago: Tank Noodle



It was one of my dreams this year to find the best pho in Chicago, and I did! It wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be. Tank Noodle was the second place I went to.

After being told by many people to go to Tank Noodle, Mike and I finally went –and we can’t stop going. The broth is amazing. You can get all the meat you want, which is important to me. The staff is great. The wait is almost nonexistent. It is simply perfecto!

If you’ve never had pho, it’s a Vietnamese soup typically with noodles, meat, peppers and tripe (I ask to not include the latter). Then you can add bean sprouts, mint leaves, and sauces to your liking. It’s perfect to eat when the weather is crappy or when you’re not feeling well. It’s the best comfort soup.

The other positive thing about Tank is that it is affordable. You get a huge bowl for around $9. And that bowl is about two servings. We’ve been known to get one bowl to go and then getting spring rolls, and it fills us up.

Do you agree with my find? Share some Tank photos with us too!


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