Getting Inspired


Lately I’ve been feeling uninspired — If you couldn’t tell by the lack of posts. I’ve been feeling stressed about my jobs, finding a new apartment, planning the wedding, making everyone happy, being happy, etc. Starting today things will change. I’ve had a huge weight taken off of my shoulders and I’m ready to get back to working in a good environment, freelancing more, writing more, and having fun.

Time to get inspired! Make some marvelous!

I want to be inspired by you, by pinterest, by the people on the street, by my job. I want to create content that will have you thinking “oh, yeah that would be awesome to do” or “I want to work with that person to make something special” or “I need to go do that too.”

I created this website ┬áin hopes that everyone would be inspired to do something new, achieve a dream you didn’t know you had, or build a relationship that will bring the next big thing to society.

My goal is to post more, but I need your help too.Inspire me. Share your dreams. Share your Pins. Your DIY projects.

Let me know your thought. And remember KEEP DREAMING!


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