Dreamer: Erin Bassett

Age: 27

Lives In: Chicago, IL (West Loop neighborhood)

Current Job: Sr. Logistics Analyst with a food distribution company

Ultimate Dreams: I have a wild imagination and as a result my “dream” evolves often. Usually it lands around being a influential lifestyle taste maker. This could be as editor-in-chief of Vogue (or Harper’s Baazar or WWD) or as a local boutique owner.

What are you doing to attain your dream?

I am the editor of two blogs. The first, Daily E, I’ve had for 3 years and is a running personal diary. I write about anything that is relevant to my life. I write about recent shopping trips, restaurants Danny (my husband) and I have been to and many other things around the internet that I have found and I like. The second blog is Color Me Styled and is more editorial and lifestyle advice driven. CMS posts are related to what type of coat to wear by temperature or what to wear to a baseball game. I have a skin care expert and a hair stylist who answers questions and give advice. I also post recipes and organizing tips and red carpet style round-ups. I want to do features like a book club, more personal style posts and have much more developed content. I want this blog to become a Design Love Fest or In Honor of Design or Oh Joy. I think I have a lot of good to offer the world and ultimately I want to help people to be their best selves.

What do you think you ultimately need to attain your dreams?

A trust fund?! A 36-hour day? But seriously in order to get to the point where I am a recognized taste maker in a community I need to build relationships with blogs I adore, brands I respect and other taste makers in design. I kind of need that “break through” moment but I know that my success will be a result of my own hard work and dedication to shameless self promotion. And if someone wants to give me a Canon EOS I’m not going to turn it down.


Have you attained any dreams? If so, what were they and what did you do to attain them?

I finally earned a commission through a tool that helps bloggers to monetize content which was a cool thing to have happen after 7 months of posting links like a maniac. I have also over the last few months worked on meeting other bloggers in Chicago and have a few plans in the works for collaborations.

What’s your advice to other dreamers?

Have a framework (not a plan) and put out good vibes. Sometimes people get too tied down to “plans” which can make it difficult to adjust as things come up. This year I’ve developed a framework. I give myself 60 days to make progress on a certain item (publicity, web design, networking) and within those 60 days I try different strategies and go with what works best. And I think generally in life it is best to put out good vibes and be as nice as possible because it really does come back around.

Go check out Erin’s blogs and support her dreams! You never know, she might be the next Joy Cho.

Daily E: http://geturdailye.tumblr.com

Color Me Styled: www.colormestyled.com


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