Pins I’m Loving This Week: March 15-21

via emily henderson’s pinterest

I wish there were pictures of me like this when I was a baby. This little girl is too cute. To all my family members with little girls, try this little head wrap business. She has a bright future in fashion!


I don’t know if it’s because it’s officially Spring or I’m just crazy about color, but this wall is amazing. I wouldn’t mind having a wall covered with that wallpaper.


Neon frames. I want them. Does anyone know where I can get my hands on some for our art wall?



With this new job I really need some new shoes. I’m starting to feel like an old woman with all this back pain. I’m thinking it’s the mandatory uncomfortable uniform shoes.I love the leopard and the neon. Yes, I’m becoming a leopard print girl…ahhh.


These cookies look scrumptious and I will definitely be making them. Stay tuned for a post. I mean, look at those mini marshmallows!

What were your favorite pins of the week?


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