Help A Dreamer: Jabril Faraj’s First Book Needs Funding

Help An Aspiring Writer Publish His First Book

Hey Dreamers! If you didn’t read the Dreamer post about Jabril Faraj, make sure you check it out (click on his name). He’s writing his first book and needs some help with funding. He knows of some ways like Kickstarter and donate buttons, but let’s see if you have more suggestions.


Take a look at his excerpt from his first draft of his book, Jackson Brown (the working title). If you believe in it, help us find a way to help him publish it.

Here’s a little taste of the writing:

“With my missing brother’s wife in the passenger seat and only slightly more than an hour removed from my downtown apartment, we headed even farther to the west and north, directed by the mysterious voice’s instructions….”

Please click on the following link and read on Help Jabril’s dream come true with comments below, suggestions, or an email!


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