Pins I’m Loving This Week : March 8-14


My obsession for dark walls continues. A dark wall would be dramatic and then framing chalkboards would add a little whimsy, and a chance for change every once and awhile. Would you do this in your home?


This is a fat kid’s dream; cake and candy! It may seem a little childish, but I would totally make this for a party for my friends. It’s a win win situation.


This is perfect for the upcoming St. Patty’s day! I also love that it’s green. To get the recipe click here. Anyone else have a great green recipe that involves ice cream?


I’ve tried flats with the rounded top, but now that I love my darby flats. I think these Emerson Frye Paulo loafers are amazing. The top might be a little shorter than mine, but if I had the $220 I’d try them out.


I love this whole photo shoot idea. Her outfit is cute, the flowers are gorgeous, and the food looks great. Can that be me in the photo?

What are your favorite pins?


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