Dream Trips: Brussels, Belgium

Brussels is full of beer and chocolate. What else can you need? Well, there’s also amazing architecture and luxury hotels. Can you blame me for dreaming about going to Brussels, Belgium?


One of the main reasons why I’ve been dreaming about Brussels lately is because of this hotel. I saw this picture along with some others on Design Don’t Panic and was immediately intrigued.  I’m not a graphic designer or any kind of designer, but I love color. I am a prime example of Kate Spade’s motto “Live Colorfully.”


The Pantone Hotel is seven stories high and designed by Michel Penneman and Olivier Hannaer. It is full of color, contrast, photography by esteemed Belgian photographer Victor Levy, and an amazing shop full of Pantone goods (the largest selection of Pantone goods worldwide).


The pictures make it seem like the best place to go to relax (the have an amazing view of the city), be cheered up (look at all the colors!), and be inspired. If this website was my full-time job I’d go and write the trip off as a business expense. I think I’d get a lot done there. Writing, designing, drinking, eating chocolate…haha. They offer free wifi, customizable meeting rooms, and delicious food — it all sounds too good to be true.


The rate for one night in a large room(one person) is 69 Euros, which is about $89.35. That doesn’t seem bad at all? When can I go?

Anyway, there are probably more reasons to go to Brussels, but this hotel is my top reason. Please, enlighten me with more reason? Have any of you ever stayed there? I’m so fascinated and want to hear more. #keepdreaming

*all photos are  from www.pantonehotel.com. Visit the website to find out more!


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