The Drive Ride

Here are some wise words from my friend Ghislaine Leon. She is one of the hardest working women I know. I’m inspired by her drive, so I asked her to write a little something about what drives her to success and attaining her dreams. Enjoy!

photo by Lisha Enterprises Photography

All my life I’ve been known as the girl who takes risks. The title isn’t something I’ve worked toward, rather it’s something given to me since I’m the eldest child and has had no choice but to try things first. I make my own decisions and dare to try things that people around me aren’t. The things I did as a curious child really influenced my continuous drive.

My drive comes from my constant self-inspiration, epiphanies, and visions. When I search for inspiration, I think about what my parents aspired and never dared to do. I think about my community and all those  who are just part of the same cycle of not financially growing or challenging themselves to do something different.

You see, most of peoples’ lives where I come from are premeditated. Guys will join a gang, become a drug dealer, go to juvenile detention centers, be killed by the game before being 18 years old — some get lucky but are gone by 25. Girls are knocked up before they go to college, or choose a love that hinders them from their full potential.

The thought of all of this pushes me to work harder and smarter, and to remind others that we are powerful beyond our own knowledge. Do I know if I’m really powerful? Not really, but I’m working toward becoming that powerful person who believes and follows her heart against all odds.

I keep myself driven by reminding myself of the greatest people to have ever established anything. They all started through entrepreneurship, whether they created their own companies in their dorm rooms, their garages, or in their own basement apartments.

You know what else? It’s the fact that I’m the eldest sibling. It’s the fact that I’m the only female to hold a bachelor’s degree in my family. It’s the fact that I’m the 1 out of 5 girls in my neighborhood who went away to college. It’s the fact that I grew up with a disabled grandmother who has survived because of public assistance. It’s the fact that I fought epilepsy as a child.

We don’t all get the same shot from the same angle. I’m going to dream until those dreams are my realities.

Ghislaine Leon

If you find her inspirational, visit her website She has great posts about not being fearless in attaining your dreams. I’m honored to be one of her friends. I know she will attain all her dreams. If you can, help her out and show some support! 


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