A Book A Month (February): The Great Gatsby


I’ve seen more and more Great Gatsby influences in wedding decor, home decor, fashion, and more so I decided to re-read this classic. It was also a way to get more excited about the upcoming blockbuster remake with Leo and Carey Mulligan — the cast seems perfect. I first read the book in high school where we overanalyzed everything, so this time I was able to enjoy the book Fitzgerald so quickly wrote (the afterword of my version said the publishing was rushed so there were mistakes and different versions published throughout time).

Book Info.

Title: The Great Gatsby

Author: F.Scott Fitzgerald

Synopsis: It’s a narrative of a man who moves next door to a man of mystery, Jay Gatsby. He then gets involved with the ¬†complicated relationships of the upper-class people of West Egg and finds out what really happens behind closed doors. Between the lines, it’s a complicated love story that ends in unexpected tragedies.

My opinion: I love this book. When I mentioned to coworkers I was rereading it, one of my managers explained it as a “Gossip Girl” of the past. I didn’t realize he was right until the last few chapters. All the characters interwine in a mysterious, and somewhat, romantic past. At times the book can get confusing like who is speaking when, but I like how it makes sure the reader is paying attention to the story. Often times I get lost in books and forget what just happened, but with this read, I caught myself rereading sections because I didn’t want to miss something.

I really enjoyed rereading this book because it reminded me that classics should be reread time and time again. Authors like Fitzgerald have the talent in transporting you into the story and you getting involved with all the characters’ feelings. I felt for Carraway at the end when he felt like the only one who had Gatsby’s back — I wanted to console him and I wanted to slap Tom when he got mad at Daisy for cheating too. There’s something about the classic authors that gets me every time. I don’t think authors these days have the same craft at writing.

And who doesn’t love the time period of the Great Gatsby?! The fashion — which Fitzgerald did an amazing job at describing –, the music, the elaborate parties, and traveling adventures. It makes me wish I had a cloche Goorin Bros. hat on at all times.

My Rating: 10/10. It’s a great book that everyone should read at least once. It tells a story of how you shouldn’t pass up on a love that is meant to be.

Go read it: Amazon

What’s your take on this classic? And what should I read for March? I’m thinking maybe Crime and Punishment since I’ve never read it. Help a girl out and comment ¬†below and tell me what I should read next.


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