Buy the Change

Half the Sky was an inspiring book that fell into my lap. It makes me think more about what I’m spending my money on and what I’m complaining about — half the time it’s something that women in third world countries would be dreaming about having. I’m so happy that Kari from Buy the Change commented on my book review because I probably would have never stumble upon myself. It’s a great way to help women around the world through purchasing their handmade, fair trade items.

Screen Shot 2013-02-20 at 10.03.54 AM

Kari Hughes and Shanan Bunzendahl of Michigan started this organization to “help women gain independence through business building.” In Half the Sky, you learn that not a lot of money can change a woman’s whole life in another country. By buying a $49 authentic sari baby blanket, you can bring a woman more respect from her husband, help her feed her children and help send her girls to school. Why spend $299 or more on a Kantha throw at Restoration Hardware, or other stores, when you can buy an authentic, life-changing throw for less?!

I think I’m going to have to buy one of these for my couch!

All of Buy the Change’s items are handmade by women who have experienced money and social problems — human trafficking and war, and more. With purchases of these fair trade items, these women are able to feed and educate their children, reduce their dependency on men, and have bigger hopes for their daughters to stay in school and not be sold to trafficking. They have partnered with 12 different organizations with women in Uganda, Thailand, Afghanistan, India, and more countries to make sure women around the whole world have a hope for change. I love that they are truly looking to change women’s lives in multiple countries.

Buy the Change “offers in home trunk shows and fundraising shows in the Detroit Metro area,” and you can go online and shop for home goods, jewelry, and accessories. Everything is amazingly priced, so prepared to spend some money. I wish I would’ve known about this website before Christmas because this would’ve been the perfect site to buy a lot of my gifts.

Please visit their website and help a great cause. Go read Shanan’s featured Dreamer post and their About Us, to learn more about this inspiring dream organization.

Let me know your favorite item or what you plan on buying! I’ll be saving my money to buy something too. Stay tuned to find out.



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