Happy Valentine’s Day

photo by Katelyn James Photography


Today is all about spreading the love. I think The Beatles were right with the concept of the song “All You Need is Love.” Even though Mike and I can’t spend the day or night together, we still know our love is amazing. So instead of creating a feast for dinner (Mike and I had our annual surf and turf last night) or making a gift, I’m writing a post on what I’m loving right now.

1. Mike. He’s the best fiancĂ© out there. He’s always there when I need him and he puts up with my silent treatments and sometime messy behaviors. He also gives me treats like candies and such when I least expect. He really makes a lot of days feel like Valentine’s Day.

2. My friends and family. I think I have the best group of people in my life. Your support and love cease to amaze me. I wouldn’t change my group of crazy friends and family for the world.

3. Lex. Even though he’s a tad crazy and needy, I love that he’s always there to give a love lick or a cuddle.

4. The fact that we get to move out of your apartment soon! Only 2 more months to go. Looks like you’ll have decorating posts to read in the future.

5. Life. Even though I’m in that constant battle of finding a full-time job that pays all my students loans, I’m still loving life. I think it’s all about having the right attitude. Nothing will stop me from my dream!

I want to read what you’re loving. Please comment below or send us a tweet! Oh, and spread some love and like us on Facebook. We’re only 40 more likes till 100!

Happy Valentine’s Day. Spread some love and dreams today!


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