Dreamer: Rob Ahrns


Age: 23

Lives In: Chicago, IL

Current Job: Stock Associate at West Elm

Ultimate Dream: Be a vocalist for a rock band

What are you doing to attain your dream?

Well, I have made several friends who either have played or are currently in bands. I have also been playing my guitar here and there, but sometimes it gets frustrating trying to play it on my own. I try to set up “jam sessions” with friends, but that’s hard due to schedules never really lining up. I also watch videos on YouTube that provide tips and lessons on how to sing. I know I have a good singing voice in me somewhere, I just haven’t found it yet. Regardless, I practice singing anywhere and everywhere! At work, in the shower, on the street, in the store, I pretty much sing whenever I feel like it. Usually, I get a 50/50 response on my voice. I’ve had people tell me I need work on voice and then I have had others tell me that I have a decent voice.

What do you think you ultimately need to attain your dreams?

First and foremost, I need a vocal coach! I would like to find someone who either specializes in or has experience with rock vocals. I also need people who are willing to sit and jam, and get to know each other. I know that it can be hard to find the right people to play with who sound good, but I know there are such people out there!

Have you attained any dreams? If so, what were they and what did you do to attain them?

The biggest dream that I have achieved is moving to Chicago and graduating college. Out of my immediate family, I am the first to graduate college. I received a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts in Game Design which is what I wanted to do since high school. It put me in a massive amount of debt and I had to move away from my family, but it was all very well worth it for that little piece of paper that is hanging on my wall.

What’s your advice to other dreamers?

Don’t ever give up! Even when the odds are stacked against you and you feel like just giving up, don’t do it! I’ve even had instructors in school that made me second guess myself and what I wanted to do, but I never let that effect me. Just keep your head up and move forward, so in the end you can show others that you can do it!

Rob is a great guy who you can always count on. Please help him out with his dreams if you can.Wether you can help him out with his vocals, meeting people who rock in Chicago, or working with gaming let us know. You can also check out his portfolio at http://robahrns.com/.


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