Happy Friday! Almost a New Week

Happy Friday everyone! I hope this weekend brings rest and a brighter following week. I will be working everyday, so nothing exciting on my front, but I hope you share your exciting adventures with us at @dreamtillgreen. Next week I am welcoming exercise into my life again. I’m not really looking forward to it, but I think it will make me feel better in so many ways.

Jennifer Lawrence

My self-image inspiration is Jennifer Lawrence. I don’t really care that I’m curvy and I don’t want to be anorexically thin, just healthy and happy. She’s also hilarious. Have you ever read any of her interviews? If you’re bored this weekend take a look at the following articles and video:

1. Jennifer Lawrence Funny Moments

2. Jennifer Lawrence in Elle. The whole article is good, but I can’t find the full version.

3. Go see Silver Linings Playbook in theaters. It’s a great movie.


Oh, what are your favorite exercises? I’m going to try a ton of different things to not get bored with it.



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