A New Clip: The Art of Recovery for Renew Magazine

Renew Magazine is a magazine based out of Chicago for the substance abuse recovery community. You may ask yourself, “Why/how is Katie writing for this magazine?” Well, I work with a guy at J.Crew who’s girlfriend was the editor. She needed a little help and approved of my writing skills, and TA-DA a new article was born.

I didn’t know much about Art Therapy — only a little bit from my conversations with Taylor Boeyink— but learned a lot. The profession is extremely admirable, and I think if I abused substances to the point I needed therapy, I would totally try Art Therapy. And I mean that in the most sincere honesty.

Please take a look at my new addition to my clips. Click on the photo and skip to page 36:

Click here to read.
Click here to read and skip to page 36.

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