When we moved my mom so graciously gave us some old pillows. When I say old, I mean old. They don’t match anything we have, so I’ve been on the hunt for covers since we moved to Chicago. You think I’d have covers by now since I work at a furniture store, but nope! It’s a challenge to find the perfect pillows to flow with everything.

I also have a hard time wrapping the prices of pillows around my head. Why are so many pillows over $100? That’s pure craziness to me. So like a great investigator, I found a solution. I don’t remember if I found it through blogs or Pinterest, but I found Society 6.

Society 6 sales art. You can get all the art on different media; prints, iPhone cases, clothes, and PILLOWS! Affordable pillow covers! All the 16X16 pillow covers are $20 [they also offer 18X18 and 20X20s for more, and pillows with the inserts]. That’s insanely cheap compared to other stores out there.

The other challenge: Mike and I have been wondering what colors to use for decor since our apartment is a studio. Do we use all the same colors? Do we decorate like the space is different rooms [the bed would be a color scheme, the living area a color scheme, the kitchen a color scheme, and so forth]. Looking around the apartment, it looks like we have a lot of oranges, reds, turquoise, and black. So here are the pillows I think I’m going to get [minus #5…it’s a bit too pricey].

The deets of my finds:

1. White Cross on Black by Pencil Me In via Society 6

2. World Map Urban Watercolor by ArtPause via Society 6

3. PYT by Spires via Society 6

4. Embroidered Ikat Polka Dot via West Elm, $39

5. Herringbone Neon Cushion by Ferm Living Shop, $100

What do you think?


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