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A new year means time to get organized. Being organized allows you to succeed in all areas of your life. A planner makes sure you remember specific events, your work schedule, and deadlines; organized clothing and jewelry help you dress for success; and the perfect binder will keep all your important papers accessible.

All I need is the time and money to get myself organized with the three things above.

1. Here are planners I have in mind for 2013. I’m a little behind, but let’s hope next week’s check allows me to buy a planner so I can stay on top of things. Using a planner is old fashion, but handwriting things is a great way to memorize. I believe it’s a key reason why I’m so organized.


1. 8 Days-A-Week Planner at See Jane Work ($18). I love how there are eight days, so there’s plenty of room for notes and to-do lists. I’m not so keen on the colors, but the extra room for writing might make it a winner.

2. Green Stripe Sarah Pinto Weekly Planner at See Jane Work ($20). Green is my favorite color and it looks a little Emerald-ish. Why not have a yearly planner in the color of the year? I love the layout of the planner and the extra “To Do” section for each day.

3. 2013 Daily Planner in Dandelion by Julia Kostreva on Etsy ($22). The whimsical design caught my eye. I also love that it’s on Etsy and I can support handmade items. It is a little pricey, but organization is key! (Oh, and it’s a Pre-Order so it will take 2-3 weeks)

4.The Moleskine 2013 Pocket Red Hardcover Weekly Planner ($14.95). I can’t believe that Moleskine is the cheapest planner I’ve found that I like. Usually it’s the most expensive. I love Moleskine products. I love the writing room, the pocket in the back to hold receipts and such, and they include stickers!!! This one is my number 1 pick as of yet.

5. 2013 Medium Appointment Planner by MochiThings ($19.96). It seems like it would be great, but I don’t fully understand the layout. Is it just a monthly planner that has line notes at the back or a line note page for each month?

6.Agenda Scheduler by MochiThings ($19.96). Looks like it has all the features I like and the Rose color is actually 30 % off so it’s a little cheaper.

2. My jewelry is a little out of control since our space is so small. I store it in a bead container and little Kate Spade gift boxes. This needs to change, so I can wear all of my fantastic bling. Here are some ideas of what I want to do.

jewelry organization

*antler idea via A Beautiful Mess

I also need to buy more hangers so each piece of clothing I own has its own hanger. It’s pretty sad that I have up to three items on a hanger. I like the idea of  these DIY colorful hangers from Design Love Fest.


3. I already have a binder full of important papers, but I think everyone should. I keep my loan statements, health documents, all of Lex’s information, Tax info, our rent agreement in one binder, and more in one place. I guess it’s something I would grab in case of a fire. Each thing has its own tab or plastic sleeve, and I have a handy hole punch in it so it makes everything easy to add.


What are  you doing to get organized for 2013?


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