A New Year 2013

Happy New Years Eve! I’m so excited for a new year and new adventures. I already have a list of 25 things to do this year, but it never hurts to write down yearly goals.

– I’ll try to live healthier. I don’t necessarily mean dieting, but I want to try to cut down on the sweets and coffee, and try to be more active. My cavities are starting to hurt again.

-I’ll try to stress less. I have to realize money doesn’t rule everything and just go with the flow. God has a plan and I’ll get through it.

-I’ll try to keep going to church. It’s nice to have a good foundation and something positive in your life you can go to each week.

– I’ll try to spend more time with Mike and not just lounging around the apartment. Time for adventures!

– I’ll continue to work toward my dream. I’ll write more, apply to more jobs, and keep working on this blog. Thank you so much for following in 2012. I know 2013 will be even better! Please help spread the word of Dream Till Green because our dreams are important to share!

I think that’s a pretty good list, right? I don’t want 2013 to be too daunting. I do like the idea of writing 100 Resolutions and crossing them off, but I don’t know if I could think of 100. What are you hoping to do in 2013?


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