How I’d Throw A Holiday Party

Due to the lack of space in my apartment there will be no holiday parties. This makes me sad, but as you know from my past holiday posts I still dream how I’d decorate and celebrate.

I look at everyone’s pictures of celebrating with friends and families and all the pins on Pinterest, so my head is full of fun ideas.

The Decorations

I grew up with my Mom decorating the house for every season and holiday. It’s pretty magical in the Garton house during Christmas and winter, so I have to at least live up to that. Here’s what I’m envisioning for my dream apartment:

*You’d be greeted to the party with a cute felt wreath on the apartment door.


*The entryway would be full of Cotton Ball Snow coming from the ceiling and the wall facing the door. It would feel like you’re walking into a beautiful snow fall.


*There would be mercury glass votives placed throughout the apartment to make it cozy and sparkle.

via KatieDid Blog

* Since I will have a wall of chalkboard paint, I will do something like this:


* And then of course there will be a tree! As you know, I love this one from Rockstar Diaries


The Activity

The main reason to have my party would be a cookie exchange! If you haven’t heard of this, all you do is ask everyone who comes to bring a couple dozen cookies to exchange. Ultimately each person should bring around 2-4 dozen cookies, recipe cards, and a container to bring cookies home. Everyone will leave happy and full.

The Food and Drinks

* I would have Mike make his peppermint truffles. (See how to make them here)



* We’d serve Christmas mojitos, Hot Cocoa with Kahlua, White Russians, Spike Eggnog, and maybe a non-alcoholic punch.



* I don’t know what else I’d serve since there would be a cookie exchange. What do you think?

The night would be full of sweets and drinks! Oh, and my lovely friends and family.What are you doing for your holiday party?


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