Dream Till Green X Stilettos & Boots Holiday Gift Guide: Friends and Boss

Welcome to the second installment of the Dream Till Green and S&B Holiday Gift Guide for those who are hard to shop for. Today we will be conquering the friend who decided to give you a gift, so now you’re obliged to get her/him one, and the boss (wo)man.

gift guide 2

The Friend

1. Abe Lincoln Riding a Grizzly Bear 8X11 Print by Sharpwriter on Etsy ($25): This piece, and all of Sharpwriter’s pieces, is perfect for a quirky friend who needs art in his/her apartment or office space. It’s a great conversation piece that guarantees laughs.

2. Portable Altoid Tin Amp and Speaker by Ampoids on Etsy ($30): This is great for the music lover friend. It’s easy to take to the beach, on picnics, or just to be annoying on public transportation. The Altoid tin will surprise everyone.

3. Sideways Wishbone Bracelet by Petitor on Etsy ($26): I love this bracelet because it looks delicate, it’s affordable,  and who doesn’t need a little luck everyday? It’s perfect for the friend who is still looking for the perfect job (Brianna and Katie), a relationship, or anything really to make a dreamy life.

4. Gold Animal Bust Magnets via Urban Outfitters ($14): These are the perfect combination of childish and adult sophistication.  If you don’t want to pay the $14, you can make them yourself by following Lovely Indeed’s how-to.

5. United States or World Scratch Maps via Paper Source ($28.95): Your friend can scratch off where they’ve been for a great conversation starter or use it to keep track of where all their visitors come from.


The Boss Man

6. Portable Stereo Speaker System via Barnes and Noble ($20): This gift is sure to make any workday go by faster. Your boss will love jamming out in the office to his/her favorite tunes with this speaker system that works with any MP3 player.

7. Custom Map Paperweight via Etsy Shop Mapping My World ($30): Your boss will love the personal touch of this paperweight. Customize the paperweight with your boss’ hometown for extra points.

8. Turning Triangles Terrarium via Urban Outfitters ($39): You probably never thought you’d buy a gift for your boss from Urban Outfitters, but this terrarium is the perfect desk accessory.

9. Tech Me With You Gloves via ModCloth ($28, sale): A female boss will love you for buying her these gloves to keep her fingers warm while allowing her to still use her touch screen. The plum color is rich and perfect for the fall weather.

10. ON OFF Color Changing Cup via Infmetry ($19): Save some money and get your boss this quirky coffee cup. It’s perfect for the tech lover or the coffee fiend.


What are you going to buy? If you missed yesterday’s Parents and In-laws gift guide click here to finish your shopping.


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