Dream Till Green X Stilettos & Boots Holiday Gift Guide: Parents and In-Laws

Gift guides are a plenty right now, but we’ve (Dream Till Green and Stilettos and Boots) come together to bring to you a Gift Guide for the Hard-To-Buy-For. No more stress break-outs or emptying your bank accounts to find the perfect gift for your mom, dad, boss, in-laws, and friends who broke the unspoken rule of not giving gifts. You can now focus on drinking spiked eggnog, eating holiday cookies, singing holiday carols and buying the perfect holiday outfit. Look through our unique gift ideas, and get all your last minute shopping done!

The first installment :

gift guide 1

Mom & Dad

1. On the Rocks and Roll Coasters via ModCloth ($20): Is your father a musician or a die hard fan of a band? Then he’ll love these rock n’ roll coasters. They are the perfect addition to any “man cave.”

2. Wind Rider Bike Reflectors via Generate ($24): The athletic dad will love these bike reflectors that clip on to protect your pants and reflect for night riding. He’ll feel like Hermes wearing these.

3.  Cider Spice Rack via Anthropologie ($68): These mulling spices for spiced wine or cider would be a welcome addition to any kitchen. The rack includes organic anise seed, cinnamon sticks, orange peel zest and cloves.

4. Animal Shot Glasses via Generate ($59):Whether your dad is an animal lover or a hunter, these shot glasses will be perfect for his bar. The sleek black is timeless and ideal for when he’s mixing drinks for friends.

5. Sideways Gold Bar Necklace via Petitor on Etsy  ($30): This beautiful, simple 14K gold bar holds five crystals and is the perfect accessory for date nights with the husband.

-Brianna (Stilettos and Boots)

The In-Laws

6. Designhype Metro Cuff Paris via Fab.com ($28): This cuff is perfect for the sister-in-law or mother-in-law that loves to travel or has dreams of traveling. There are limited quantities at Fab.com, but you can also check out Designhype’s website for this cuff and other cities for $37.

7. Amplifiear ($24.99): This is perfect for any of the in-laws who are cool enough to have iPads. The Amplifiear makes it easier to hear everything on the soft Apple speakers, and it comes in six colors.

8. The Future Perfect Gold Playing Cards ($15): Do you have a brother-in-law or father-in-law who loves cribbage or is a gambler? This is the perfect gift. It’s a gift that’s affordable and it keeps giving, if he’s a good poker player.

9. Scrabble Magnets via Paper Source ($12.95): This is perfect for the parent-in-laws. They can leave each other love notes, play an ongoing game of scrabble, or just spell out silly things. It’s perfect for the loquacious loved ones.

10. Teatantic Tea Holder set of 2 by Gordon Adler via Fab.com ($33.50): Perfect for the mother-in-law who loves watching the Titantic or listening to the Beatles. This tea holder is just the right amount of quirky for a mother-in-law who loves the perfect cup of tea.

11. Une Bobine by Photojojo ($30): In other words, it’s a flexible tripod for iPhones and Androids. It’s perfect for the in-laws who love sharing pictures of their cute kids or for the photo junkies. No more awkward arm pictures, yay!

-Katie (Dream Till Green)

What are you buying? Make sure you come back tomorrow for our Guide for Friends and Bosses!

Items that didn’t quite make the list: Custom Foldable.Me Figurines for a nonconventional family portrait ($11.99)/ Multi-Strand Initial Necklace by Petitor ($52)/Taschen Guide Book Set Box via Anthropologie ($59.99)/ Recipe Prints  that can be custom by Articipe (ranges in price)


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