Dream Christmas Outfits

Holiday outfits

Tis the season to daydream about what you’d wear to a holiday party….at least if you work at a clothing store. I’m debating on if I should spend some money on myself, and get some of these J.Crew pieces. Oh, the dilemmas! These are the types of outfits I’d love to wear this holiday season. 

First Outfit

The staple piece I’m debating on getting is the J.Crew Velvet Toothpick Pant ($90, less with my discount though). They’re extra stretchy and extremely comfortable. I think I’d wear them more than for just the holidays too.

The second piece I love from this outfit is the Sequin Sleeve Blazer from Parc Boutique ($139). I think any sequin top would be a cute way to add more texture and a little festive touch to this outfit. This blazer is a complete dream piece due to the price, but I’ve always wanted something classy with sequins — a very rare thing to find. Since the blazer is unlikely to end up in my closet, I also like the Tinsel Town Sequin Blouse from Francesca’s ($44).

The third piece is the Comme Des Garcons Play Polka Dot Tee ($159). It’s another dream piece, but I’ve wanted an item from Comme Des Garcons for awhile. I picked this top because it adds a little red for Xmas and I love polka dots. It also looks comfortable to wear and it would still be cute if the blazer got too hot to wear.

I think the outfit screams holiday cheer. The sequin sleeves are just the right amount of glitz and glam, the polka dot top shows my fun side, and the velvet pants are comfy and fun to touch.

Second Outfit

The main piece for this outfit is the Polka-dot Ponte Dress from J.Crew ($148). It’s made from the same fabric as the famous Minnie Pants at J.Crew. I love this dress because it’s insanely comfortable and there’s endless options for styling it.

For holiday parties, I’d add a festive button-down under the dress. I love this Slim Secret Wash Shirt in Atlantic Tartan from J.Crew ($69.50). It has all the festive colors, but the blue background makes it acceptable to wear after the holidays.

I also paired it Vintage Print Tight from Yes Style ($22). If I’ve learned anything from working at J.Crew it’s to not be afraid of mixing patterns and textures.

The Shoes

I went for sparkly gold shoes or red flats to stay festive. I love the sparkly ones the best because they’re fun and they’ll be the conversation starters. The red flats are just a basic shoe everyone should own. The shoes left to right: Steven Madden Red Flat Vegass ($80)/Gold Metallic Leather Brogues by Esquival on The OutNet ($208)/ Caress Heel in Gold Glitter by Nine West ($79)/ Betsey Johnson Gold Bambbi Flat ($89.99)

Show us what you’re wearing this holiday season @dreamtillgreen

*the background picture of the cute Xmas mantle in the photo collage is from the blog The House of Belonging 


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