Cheap Ways to Decorate for Christmas

I love the holidays! It means time to give to your loved ones, time for spiked egg nog, time for yummy cookies, and time to decorate! Decorating can be tricky when you’re on a budget, but don’t you worry, I’ve got some ideas for you. I’ve done some trolling around the internet and come up with some ideas myself, so you can buy more amazing presents or just so you can survive this Christmas season.

1. Have an Origami Tree.


I saw this on the Rockstar Diaries fan appreciation Facebook wall and loved the idea. Since Mike and I are in the process of making 1000 cranes, why not add in something other animals as well? You can decorate you’re whole tree for free. Rip out pages from your stack of magazines in the corner and get to folding. If you don’t have a tree, find pages with just red and green images and you can make a festive garland to hang above your window or just on a wall somewhere. Here’s a link to figure out how to fold different origami animals:

2. Hang gift tags.


Ask the store you’re shopping at for extra gift tags. This sounds incredibly cheap, but people ask all the time at my jobs. You can make a garland out of the cute XOs or green and red gift tags. It’s cute and free!

3. Cut out snowflakes


Get out those scissors and start cutting away. It may seem juvenile, but this craft is cheap and it’s cute. You can tape them to your window, create a mural on the wall, or put them on your front door. There are so intricate patterns out there too. Search on Pinterest and you’ll be amazed at what you’ll find. This is no longer just a craft for kindergarteners.

4. Chalkboard decorations



If you know me, you know I love chalkboard anything. Use your chalkboards for displaying festive sayings, your tree, a favorite christmas recipe, etc. It’s completely free and easy. I think it’s also a great in black and white or in color. I may need to decorate our trunk or dresser, now that I think of it (stay tuned for a post!).

Show us your decorations! We’d loved to see how you’re decorating your halls! @dreamtillgreen or on Facebook.


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