Goorin Bros + CBN Event = Dreamy Time


Walking up to Goorin Bros. in Lakeview this past Thursday night was a scene out of movie. The shop shouted “Come in.” The store’s illuminating sign and jazz music pouring out its front door were the perfect welcome. I stepped in and was surrounded by gorgeous hats, people dressed up, and cocktails. My goal was to network with more people in Chicago Bloggers Network, but I ended with a hat for a Christmas present and a new place to shop.


I’d like to think of Goorin Bros. as a dreamy place. You’re transported into a different time. The store is relatively small, but a perfect space to show off beautifully crafted hats. The hats are from different eras, but are still stylish for today. There’s a wide selection for both men and women, and a little trunk of kids hats. My eyes immediately went for the cloches hats for women when they should’ve gone to the men’s hats.

Sarah? and the wall of women's hats
Sarah? and the wall of women’s hats

I fell in love with a cloche hat named “Faith.” It’s hard to find a hat to fit my big Garton head and hair, so I was surprised to find something that fit and looked cute. She would’ve been mine, but there are quite a bit of Christmas presents that still need to be bought. I guess it just shows that Goorin Bros. has a little something for everyone.

Me with "Faith" on. Sorry for the bad picture, but hey, I went alone.
Me with “Faith” on. Sorry for the bad picture, but hey, I went alone.

The staff is extremely friendly, shouts to Drew and Sarah(I think that was her name..sometimes I have the brain of a fish) for helping me. They were extremely helpful when it came to finding the perfect Christmas for someone special. They knew the history of the hats and what someone would like by what they already have. I can’t wait for Christmas Day to see what he/she thinks.

If you love hats or think you can’t wear hats, find a Goorin Bros. near you because you’ll be changed. I’m excited I went. Faith will soon be mine. I can feel it in my bones.

men's hats
A selection of men’s hats in the middle of the store and a picture of the crowd.

What hat would you get? What do you think of Faith?

Stay tuned to see what hat I got and who it was for.


Check out Goorin Bros website for more dreamy details. 

Update: Since you’re reading this and CBN has great perks, you can get 15% off of your purchase using the promo code  CHIBLOGNET on or mentioning in the store. I might have to get my hat with that!


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