Interview Advice From Cosmo

I don’t think of Cosmopolitan as the place to click to for job interview advice, but maybe that’s changed since there’s a new Editor-in-Chief, Joanna Cole. Since I am a magazine addict, I follow Cosmo on Twitter and this tweet popped up.

 It hit a spot of curiosity in me, so I clicked on the link. The advice is actually really good. If you’re on the job hunt for your dream job make sure you read this post.  The one that I didn’t think of was “Your Twitter Feed is Lame.” Annie Davies, the writer, quoted an employer who checks the candidates’ twitter feeds and if she sees “luvs” or “lols,” it’s a turn off. So, remember everything you tweet can influence your job hunt.

Check out the rest of the “8 Common Interview Mistakes” slideshow here. It might help you land that job you’re dreaming off. I have it saved so I can read it again when I get my next interview.

What’s your job interview advice? Here’s some advice I’ve given before.


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