Our Thanksgiving in Pictures

How I started the Day. I took Lex out for a little run around the yard. It was the perfect Chicago day.
The first dish I made. You can see the homage to my Grandma Garton with my apron. She was known to where an apron all day every day. Also had to start the day with a Peppermint Mocha.
Lex anxiously waiting for me to drop some kind of food while I was cooking.
As the morning went on, I switched my drink to beer. Here’s where I started making my cheesy potatoes.
Lex got pretty exhausted from the anticipation of food dropping.
We got to our friend Jose’s and I started making my Grandma G’s homemade noodle dish. He didn’t have a rolling pin so a beer bottle had to do.
My homemade egg noodles ready to be dropped into the pot.
Jose excited about making his Mexican enchilada/lasagna and Puerto Rican Rice dishes.
The Mexican Lasagna dish and my sweet potatoes getting ready to boil
Mike was master of the Turkey. He made it with butter and truffle oil.
A little wine for the cooks

The most delicious Turkey and stuffing
What we ate
The first Thanksgiving plate. A lot to take in.

What was your favorite dish of the day? Share your pictures with us!



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