Dreamer: Jillian Pfund

Age: 24

Lives In: I split my time between NJ & MA.

Current Job: my Remedy Founder & Creative Director!

Ultimate Dream: To spread the my Remedy “live in love” revolution and take it to the next level.

What are you doing to attain your dream?: I’ve been working on my company, my Remedy, for the past two years and it’s been a blessing. I’ve grown in ways unimaginable and I hope that, in small ways, my Remedy’s philosophy has made a dent of a difference for clients. I started my Remedy to promote a positive lifestyle to young adults; I want people to know that you can have a good time and be doing good at the same time. I’m doing all that I can to attain my dream of this revolution, so to speak. This includes all the background work of the company from inventorying to buying to finances and all the fun stuff like designing, creating, running my style blog, and social networking with customers or people who just have a similar philosophy about life. It’s a whole lot of work, but it’s more than worth it.

What do you think you need to attain your dreams?: To attain your dreams, you need passion, dedication and self motivation. If you have those three things, I think any dream is absolutely possible in time.

Please check out  her  shop online   |   Facebook  |  Twitter  |   my Remedy’s blog  |  and style blog. Jillian is an extremely talented lady and I think her business is a great thing to support. Also, take advantage of my Remedy’s Cyber Monday win-win deal. 


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