The New Dream Till Green Layout

Hey Dreamers!

After a lot of work, I finally got Dream Till Green running on WordPress. Hopefully you noticed the changes. I’m pretty excited for everything, but I know there’s always room for improvement. Actually I know there’s still things I need to work on like somehow displaying the subhead categories (who can help me out?).

But here’s what you can expect:

-A different set of categories for easier searching. You can find them on the top right corner. Like I said, there are subcategories I just don’t know how to get them to show when you move your cursor over it. Image

-I’ve also changed the logo and header image. I think it’s a bit easier to read. I am still in need of a good logo, but my brain isn’t that creative right now. Maybe I should hold a competition? What do you think?

-There’s a slider with posts that I can pick. These are posts that I like, contain dreamers, or hopefully ones you can suggest to me. I’d love to make sure your favorite posts are showcased at top so it’s easier to find.


-We have featured images that draw you in.


-Hopefully the similar posts will start being added to posts so you can read more about your favorite topics.

What else can I change to make it easier to read? What do you think?


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