A Dream Trip to See the Bulls

I remember always wanting to go to a Bulls game when I was younger. If I remember right, which may be false since I have a horrible memory, whenever we asked our parents for Bulls tickets they said they were sold out for the whole season. I believed it because that was when Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen were playing. Or were they telling the truth? Anyway, Mike got us tickets to the game last night, Bulls vs. Magic. It was amazing!

It wasn’t my first Bulls game, but it was my first in the United Center. I felt like the biggest kid. Ask Mike, I was very giddy. We almost didn’t go because we assumed they could scan our tickets from our phone, but nope. We had to walk in the rain to the college nearby to print out our tickets. That itself was an adventure — finding the printers, getting money out, getting someone to break a $20, figuring out the printing procedure, and then walking back over to the Center.

One good think about being late, no one else trying to get their picture taken with THE statue.

We missed the first half of the game, but I’m glad Mike didn’t give up on getting in. It was so much fun seeing the Bulls beat the Magic. Seeing Noah do his gun motions, seeing Nate Robinson play, and looking up at the Championship banners was great.

It’s the little dreams coming true that make me happiest. One of the best birthday gifts I’ve gotten. Thanks Love! Oh, and I get to cross off one of my 25 Things!



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