Dreamer: Chhorvy Ly

Age: 26

Lives In: New York, NY

Current Job: Freelance Art Director

Ultimate Dream: I am struggling a bit to figure out what my ultimate dream is. I guess for a really long time I’ve just wanted to be in a giant loft space studio alongside a group of creative beings. The thinkers, the doers, the dreamers. It would be a place where work and play are intertwined and we would just crank out the most amazingly designed concepts. Now, I think I am closer to just having a quaint studio either in the city or in a beach house or in a small cottage somewhere in the Italian countryside.

What are you doing to attain your dream?: I am trying to do as many side projects as possible because I’ve realized they are the ones that bring me true happiness. It gives me more creative control than some of my professional work and it’s helping me build my portfolio and clientele. Also, the beauty of freelancing is the ability to experience every part of the industry and meeting a lot of great people along the way. One job definitely leads to another.

What do you think you need to attain your dreams?: Build a stronger client base in the industries that I am most passionate about: fashion, luxury, travel and lifestyle.

Have you attained any dreams? If so, what’d you do to attain them?: I’ve been blessed enough to work on some amazing projects that I am very passionate about. One of my favorite side projects is collaborative piece with a Bronx-based poet. I took his beautifully written words and we designed a 160-page book from beginning to end. It started out with just some sketches in a notebook but now it is a printed piece! It was very exciting to be so involved in the concept, colors, typography and print production of the entire piece.

What do you think of Chhorvy’s dreams? Know of any clients who she could help out? Let us know here and at @dreamtillgreen. Also check out her updated website chhorvy.com


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