A Night at the Trump

It’s not everyday you get an invite to go to the Trump International and Hotel, so when I got one I leapt at the chance to see its extravagance. I walked into the lobby and immediately felt out of place in my bright red trench coat, grey oxford boots, and black jeans. Everyone had on cocktail dresses, heels, suits, etc. Oh, well. I waited for my friend to come down to bring me to her amazing room — she was in town for a business event in the hotel. We went up in the elevator — which you had to have a card to get access to the floor you’re staying on — and finally got to here room, and my jaw dropped. Her room was amazing!

I’d have to the say the room was at least 6 times larger than my apartment. We figured it had to have been the cheapest room too based on the other rooms we walked in. The linens were heavenly, the view was crazy, the TV was huge, the bathroom was gorgeous, and the galley kitchen was classy.

The extremely soft bed that I doozed off on while Rea was working.
Sorry for the blurriness, but this is downtown Chicago at night.

You can see that I was really relaxing. I didn’t mind that Rea left me in her room. I got to catch up on the Big Bang Theory, Happy Endings, and a little sleep.
The inside of the bathroom. Yes, that’s a TV in the mirror.
Look at that shower head! It was beautiful.
Side view of the kitchen and how the room was set up.
Do you want a cup of coffee or maybe a Trump Chocolate?

This place was great. I eventually went down to cocktail hour and met her coworkers. We enjoyed some drinks — my White Russian was delicious. And then the party continued to the wee hours of the morning with room service and chit chat with the girls.

Read and I during the cocktail hour

Overall, the Trump is amazing. The food is subpar, but everything else gets an A+ in my book.

Have you gone?


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