Wedding Planning and Mojo Spa

We’ve hit the less than one year till the big wedding day, September 28, 2013. Planning has gotten completely serious yet, but there’s been occasional find each day. Recently, I walked around Chicago to do some research for a piece to be published on Be U Weddings about Bridal Party gifts. Along the way we landed in a dreamy location called Mojo Spa.

The store front. I love the paper poofs!

I felt like a little kid in a candy store from the moment I walked in. Not only was it because their soaps and products look like candy, but because it had everything a girl could dream for.

There was a set up of soaps that looked like cupcakes, macaroons, bundt cakes. There was a mani & pedi salon located in the back with a wall full of beautiful nail polishes colors. I felt like I walked into my new favorite place. 

Macaroon soaps

Spread of candy soaps

Mike and I looked around the shop for a good 30 minutes. One of the investors/owners George was amazing. He was loud and passionate, and a Syracuse Basketball fan! What?! It was an awesome experience since it’s harder to run into a Cuse fan in Chicago than it is in New York. George went on to tell us all the great things about Mojo Spa, and pretty much sold me on this location for a bridal party spot. (Emily is fully aware of this, and if you’re my bridesmaid and reading this, get excited!)

They offer spa treatments with rubs, basic manis and pedis, catered parties, and more. George made it seem like it can get pretty crazy, and I’m excited to see.

Until then that dreamy day, I’ll probably snatch up/buy some of my favorite items: The candle below that turns into lotion and a cupcake soap! I love it!

Cupcake soaps that come in different flavors for $8
Panorama of the store

What do you think?


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