Cotton is For Fall

Some of you may know that I’m allergic to wool. Yes, it’s a big deal. I have written about this topic before on other blogs, but here’s another take on my dilemma.

I work at a pretty great store full of beautiful Italian cashmere and the softest merino wool — at least that is what I’m trained to say and what I hear from customers. To me, it’s a store full of things I can’t wear. I dislike that I can’t buy 80% of the store right now, but I do like that I’m saving money. When customers ask “Oh, how does it fit?” “How do you like it?” I say, “I don’t know. I’m allergic and I don’t want to die.” Usually I get the response of, “Oh, that sucks.” Or “Poor you.” My favorite is, “What do you wear?”

Well, that’s a hard question seeing that most stores have some sort of wool blend occupying their shelves right now. My go-to stores have been Old Navy and the Gap in the past, but my goal for this winter is to find something better. I love me some sweatshirts but I want something that will last and that looks cute.

Here’s what I’ve found so far. I’m not even thrilled about them:

Cotton Sweater
Have you seen any cute cotton sweaters? Help a girl out.


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