Getting Ready for an Interview

Yesterday I had an interview for a “big girl” job. I will not disclose the details until I have the results, but it was pretty nerve wrecking. I’ve been through the interview process so many times since graduation, so you think I’d be a pro by now, but there’s always room for improvement and advice. Here’s what I did:

1. Research the company
-I may just be a research nerd who loves to learn about everything, but you never know what an interview is going to be like. I research the history of the company, the bosses, its competition, where its locations are, and read a bunch of articles about it. I look at, Linkedin, and even wikipedia.

2. Research the person/people who will be interviewing you
-Do a quick LinkedIn search. Then you’ll know what they look like so when you’re waiting in the lobby you know who to look for. You’ll also see their background for chit chat or how you can compare your history to yours. I also like to read the recommendations they write for others. Do you have the skills they’re praising others for?

3. Research the role.
– I do a quick wiki search just to get the general definition of that role. I study the job description and make sure I can do everything and think of ways to say I’ve done those skills before. I also look at to see what they going rate for salary is. You always want to be prepared for a salary discussion. Don’t be caught off guard.

4. Talk to anyone you know in the company or someone with a similar role.
– If you can get any insight to the company or what you might be doing is great. Then you’ll be fully prepared to discuss why you want to work there and have that position. Don’t sound phony.

5. Pick out a great outfit.
– You want professional, but not boring. Make sure you interject your personality in your outfit. They are hiring you for YOU so don’t cover it up. But don’t be too colorful or pattern-y. It’s a hard task for me to accomplish, but I think I nailed it with this interview. I work a black peplum, short-sleeve shirt, a black pencil skirt, a skinny yellow belt, and leopard print loafers. It showed that I’m in fashion, business appropriate, classic, and a bit quirky.

6. Stay calm.
– You need to be as normal and comfortable as possible. After all the research you’ve done you should be prepared. You’ll be able to be you. You’ll get the job for your personality over your skills (well, that’s what I’ve been told). If the person can picture you as a coworker then it’s over. Just be you!

I hope this helps. What’s your pre-interview routine? Should I change mine?



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