Dreamer: Jessica Espinosa

Age: 22

Current Job: Full-time student. Part-time cashier. Future teacher.

Lives in: Chicago (always)

Ultimate dream: inspire young people to believe in themselves and the good in other people. I want to inspire young people and contribute to a movement full of peace, love, and understanding for all things living. It’s a daily struggle, but it’s one I want to fully commit to.

What do you think you need to attain your dream?: People. I need people who haven’t given up on love. People who are willing to feel silly and brave. People who are willing to forgive. People who are willing to give, as well as receive. I need people who are willing to put aside greed, envy, and vanity. I also need people willing to teach others and stand up against injustices and give voice to those that need one. For my dream I ultimately need people to be willing to learn. Peace, as more than just an abstract concept, is very complicated and grey–I need people who are dreamers.

If you’ve attained some of your dreams, what were they and how did you attain them?: I’ve witnessed several acts of kindness, and love, and bravery. It generally takes just one person. They make my dreams come true.

If you can help Jessica out, let us know at @dreamtillgreen or dreamtillgreen@gmail.com


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